Black Sea Beat Society brings traditional Balkan, Turkish, and Middle Eastern music and performs it with a rock & roll spirit in Western North Carolina and beyond. This high energy band has a wide ranging repertoire, moving from Balkan Brass, to Turkish Psychedelic, to Middle Eastern classics, to Klezmer tunes. Featuring accordion, a horn section, telecaster guitar, and drums.

Black Sea Beat Society is available for festivals, weddings, private parties, and club dates.

Based in the Asheville area of Western North Carolina, open to travel.

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Keith Smith


Ben Colvin


JP Furnas


Mattick Frick


Jacob Bruner


We believe that music, art, dance, food, and nature have an enormous power to generate curiosity, friendship, and empathy across national, geographic, and ethnic boundaries. BSBS takes the time to learn about the roots of the songs, studying the cultures and source recordings, and talking with as many folks who are from this area of the world as we can! Several of us have traveled, studied, and toured in the Balkans, and in Turkey.

We know that playing music from cultures other than what one grew up in can be tricky and sticky. We welcome feedback and new information, and definitely work hard to not play any tunes that would be culturally inappropriate. We generally respectfully avoid sacred and religious songs (though if someone needs us to play one for a special occasion, we’re always open to learning when invited!). We try to share information we have about the songs at our performances. If you have feedback about our song choices, suggestions, or first hand cultural information and experiences to share, please send us an email at

We avoid using the G word (Gypsy) when describing our music, because it has been used as an ethnic slur and many many Romani folks have asked non-Romani people to not use the word, especially when describing people who are not of that ethnicity. Because none of us are ethnically Romani or Sinti, we do not have the authority to reclaim the word with pride, those certainly people from these ethnic backgrounds can choose to call themselves whatever they identify with. Please don’t use this word when describing our sound.